“The buyer needs a hundred eyes, the seller but one.”–Italian Proverb

Transnational Imports and Exports LLC is an import export consulting and management company engaged in international trade and economic development.

T.N. Jefferson has experience in the following industries: banking, cultural competence, education assessment scoring and recalibration, English Language Proficiency (ELP) high stakes assessment item writing, federal contracting, federal grant reviewing, gap analysis, grant writing, legal document analysis, linguistic analysis, education (brick and mortar, virtual, international, pre-K-20), real estate (commercial, residential, & investing), and research and evaluation.

T.N. Jefferson taught English as a Second Language for three years in South Korea. T.N. Jefferson has traveled to several countries including Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Ethiopia, and Zambia.

T.N. Jefferson—CEO & Founder